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“The post-pandemic Summer SciFi album you never knew you needed”

"Grave Danger"

“I expected to just check out one or two songs from Maudlin and then hit the road, but after the first song I knew I was there until they were done.”


Maudlin writes songs about the human experience and things that go “bump” in the night. This power trio will hook you with one listen.


Lead by David and Priscilla Priebe, the duo have a long history of contrasting the dark undertones of their lyrics with vibrant and intense performances and music the is both catchy and edgy.  Radio’s Barb Abney describes them as “the Pixies married Weezer and their kids had a Sunday Real Estate cover band.”

The group has been hailed by the fringe as long as they've been writing songs and have graced hundreds of stages including Summerfest, CMJ, MWMF, The UMS, Mpls Zombie Pub Crawl, the MN State Fair, First Avenue's main room, Red Gorilla Festival, and a subversively comical appearance at the 2008 Republican National Convention in their hometown of St. Paul.  Both of the band’s commercial releases charted for weeks on CMJ stations all over the country, the group has made countless radio and television appearances and was featured in a Target/Mabeline commercial.

5 years ago MAUDLIN welcomed drummer Whelan Keenan to the group and went into the studio to record a song on a Donovan tribute album from Rock The Cause Records.  The Album includes contributions from Flaming Lips, Sharon Van Etten, etc… 

Grave Danger is Maudlin's 3rd album out June 4th, 2021. 


Pretty Sure is the band's anthem to anxiety and the corresponding stop motion lyric video quite literally paints a picture of anxiety.   


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Favorite Son

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Stickerbook Collective

For PR, Interviews, reviews, & appearances:

Scott Herold @ Hysteria Media

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